About the Blog

Hi! I’m Toni.

I started blogging almost 10 years ago, in the beginning of high school,  originally just as an outlet during a transitional period of life. Slowly, I started sharing more aspects of my life —  my faith, my relationships, & my job. My blog started growing exponentially the more I shared about being an ultrasound technologist, something I never knew people would take such interest in! It has now become a way for me to communicate and encourage so many new friends from all over the world currently in or trying to get into the same field. I love sharing my experiences from being a sonographer, as well as learning from others. In addition to sonography, I aim to share much of my lifestyle – from healthy living, tips & tricks, style, travel, wedding planning, marriage, &  my relationship with Jesus Christ. I hope this blog is a place where you can always find honesty, encouragement & inspiration. I love authentically sharing my life & I hope you enjoy it too!