here’s to blogging’s newest member…

 I’ve always been a thinker.

A single word, lyric or action can trigger a million thoughts in my mind. Most of the time, a trigger isn’t necessary to cause all of these thoughts; there’s always something going on in my head. Whether its a debate between my heart and mind, a memory, or just something something I’m curious about, there is almost always something on my mind.

So for awhile, I tried journaling, but my hand would give out and my mind would still have more to say. I tried venting with my friends, but I found that I simply expressed my thoughts better when I wrote them out. And finally, I tried writing songs with my guitar, but I got too frustrated trying to come up with a song that didn’t sound like another one of Taylor Swifts whiny, cliche songs.

I’ve tried everything except for this, blogging. So here I am… in search of a good outlet for all of the many things constantly going on inside my head. Whether I’m writing about a bible verse that spoke to me, or the many struggles I face in the transition from high school to college, you can probably read about it here. Not the short version, or the version that I modified because I was worried about what people might think, but the God-honest truth. My whole heart and mind, from the lightest thoughts to the heaviest concerns, can be found right where you are reading this very second.

Welcome to my very public diary. Happy reading. 🙂



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