Babies, Burgers & Books


six of the nine students in the class I aid for 🙂

Wow, I cannot believe its been almost four months since I have last blogged! Every time I have sat down to write about whatever’s running my mind, I find myself having to stop mid-way and start something that actually has a deadline, ha! SO, here I am, on spring break, finally finding a moment to sit down, and just breathe…and write. 🙂 Where to begin, where to begin…

Well, the last month of 2012 was quite the bash! I celebrated my nineteenth birthday (which was incredibly fun) along with my favorite time of the year – the holiday season! Christmas and New Years were especially memorable this year, along with all of winter break in general. Having friends home is something I have always taken for granted until we began our separate journeys for college – so having them home was wonderful. I am literally counting down the days til summer when we are home again, causing the craziest of scenes and spending way too many nights doing nothing but laughing and making fun of each other. Until then, we are all tucked away and focused in our little school/work bubbles!

This new year began with so many new beginnings…way more than I could have ever even fathomed or hoped for myself. Our God is a good and faithful God, truly always planning His very best for us. As you may have/haven’t previously read, I had an extremely…..unexpected first semester of college. I got one class (the city college system=impacted beyond belief) and basically ended up working close to full-time, while I took one class a week – a business law class (keep in mind, I’m trying to do nursing). So, once I had finally built up three measly units & the tiniest bit of seniority at college, I was able to get a better registration date and ended up getting dibs on 16 units – the maximum amount allowed at Cypress! I signed up for two philosophy classes, a psychology class, math & theater. I ended up dropping one philosophy class once I realized:
1. It wasn’t a prerequisite
2. I had signed up for an ethics class taught by an Atheist.

BUT, other than that, I had an entire load at Cypress and I am now currently at school 4 days a week. All the while, still working at In-N-Out. In early February, I saw a Facebook friend post a status about an opening for a teacher’s aide position at the preschool she teaches at. I have always wanted to work with kids, and wanting to eventually end up as a pediatric nurse I thought a job at a preschool would be a good experience-builder. I got the information and spontaneously dropped off an application the very next day. I literally did it so on-the-fly I didn’t expect anything to ever happen. About a week or two had passed, and to be honest, I was so caught up in settling into school & my new work schedule at In-N-Out that I had almost entirely even forgotten about the application I submitted. Untilllll, one day I got a call from the supervisor at First Steps Christian Preschool offering an interview! Again, not expected to get the job, I went in and interviewed with no E.C.E/child education units. I interviewed on a Thursday was to hear back from the preschool by the following Monday by 5 PM. At 5 till 5, I called Zack and told him I hadn’t heard back from the preschool yet and he gave me the good ole’ “it just wasn’t meant to be” speech….when a call came in on the other line – from the preschool! I got the job!

Fast forward to this very day…  it has been almost a month since I started working at First Steps and I just can’t even begin to describe the joy that it has given me. I have eight little boogers in my class which consists of sassy, sweet, talkative and down right crazy 2 and 3 year-old’s. Each child has a completely different personality than the next. I don’t think a single one of them could fit into the same personality category if i tried to narrow it down. There is one quiet girl, one extremely loud boy, and every other personality in between! But gosh, they are so funny. I spend my Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the school, painting, playing and spending time with these crazy kiddos. It has only been a month, and I am only there two days a week, but I already have a deep love for the job and the kids there! The downside to a second job has been less time at In-N-Out, which I also really enjoy. But, my manager there has been amazingly flexible and understanding of my new, crazy schedule!

With next-to full-time school and two jobs, life doesn’t really ever seem to slow down. But, I say this with the most genuine of hearts: God has been relentlessly good in giving my heart/mind peace & providing so many ways for me to keep up the important friendships and relationships in my life. I always see Him working in my life and I truly have felt inspired this year to have a relationship with Christ that is stronger than it has ever been. I want to be all-in for Him. Even when it’s cliche to others, inconvenient and uncomfortable to myself, or simply not the “coolest” option, I want to be genuine about my faith. I want to be transparent; I don’t want to be looked at as the girl with lots of secrets who lives her life in such a way that it only appears to be a Christ-centered one. I want those in my life to see that I am always the same person – around non-Christians and at church. I want to be a Christ follower everywhere I go, as cliche as that sounds. I think this year has really tugged me in lots of different directions and I just had a lot of areas in my life that I needed to grow-up in; the main area being my faith. It’s time to grow up and decide which path I’m going to choose to walk, this two-feet-on-both-paths thing is both childish and frankly, extremely insulting to a God who invests His love and Spirit in my life second by second, day by day. So, I am currently striving to get rid of any habitual sin in my life and make Christ the motivation and foundation of each and every thing in my life. Again, I sound so cliche, but it is simply what has been on my heart. I truly feel that God has led me to a new chapter in life and it is in the deepest gratitude that I write this blog post about it. I am nowhere near close to where I want to be. Nor am I even the slightest bit deserving of these opportunities that have been presented to me this year, but I am so so thankful. I’m abundantly blessed with two jobs and an education and that is all I could’ve ever have hoped for that this point. Life is so beautiful at this very moment that I’m sitting on my bed and writing this. So, that’s all for now. Until a new idea for a post pops into my head/another four months go by & I write again…. 😉


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