As I sit in bed writing this on this cold, December day, I can wholeheartedly say I am just exhausted! Life has felt overwhelmingly busy these past few months. There are a lot of days that I ask myself how much longer I’m gonna do this two job, full time school thing.  But more often than not, I go to bed with a heart so incredibly full of joy and memories that I get to experience as I get to cross paths with so many different people on a daily basis at my jobs and school. It is a truly a blessing to be busy, even when its tiring from time to time.

I recently celebrated my twentieth birthday and have been stuck on this thought ever since… I am not a teenager anymore. I am never going to be one ever again. An ever harder-to-fathom fact: I’m in my TWENTIES! Within the next ten years, I’m most likely (and hopefully!) gonna be married…and maybe…possibly…a mom! I mean, that is just an absolutely insane concept to me. I look over my life and all that has taken place over the past few months and I am just overwhelmed with gratitude. I am employed at two amazing occupations in which I am challenged to grow daily. I just enrolled into a 13-unit schedule for next semester, including biology and health sciences classes that OFFICIALLY put me on the road to becoming an Ultrasound Technician.(yipeeee!). Zack and I just celebrated three wonderful years together and I am of course always so blessed by him. I’m the stinkin MAID OF HONOR for one of my very dearest friend’s wedding in June – an occasion I am literally stoked to celebrate & honored to be apart of. And, on top of all these things, I was blessed enough to have just received a wonderful new car, in place of my forver-breaking-down VW Beetle.

To be honest, sometimes I feel as though I have to have a thought-provoking topic to write a blog post. If not something thought-provoking, then at least something that’s worth people’s time to read. But
as I stared at my computer screen and began to write this morning, I felt more compelled to say a simple thank you to God. It seems like every time something good happens to me, I am somehow reminded of James 1:17,

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

Every single gift that has been given to me, has been given to me from my Father God. Though, it is often in times like these, times of business, blessings & good things, that I find myself spending less time with Him. To be blunt, its almost as if I convince myself that I don’t “need” God as much during these times. Why is that? Why is it that when my circumstances are great, I forget all about the reason why they are great, and furthermore, the Father in Heaven that is the giver of each of these blessings. I want to seek God, to feel in desperate need of Him, and CRAVE his presence every moment of every day of my life. I don’t want to just seek God when I feel broken. I want to walk with Him daily. I find myself relating this to the common occurrence of unbelievers asking God for him to help them do something, saved a loved one, etc. But when things are good, they/we/I don’t even bother so much as thanking God – and furthermore, walking with Him.
God is not my magic genie or a fairy godmother. I should not just turn to him in times of need but in times of goodness and prosperity such as these.

God, remind me that I need YOU. Not only when circumstances are bad, but when they’re great, or anywhere in between. Remind me that I need you BECAUSE I am sinful, I am broken, I am dead inside without you. YOU are the one that makes me clean. YOU make me whole & YOU give me life. Remind me that I need you every second of every single day. Humble me. Give my heart a thirst for you that is not easily quenched. I want to walk with you every day because YOU are good, always – when my circumstances are tough or when they are great. Remind me always YOU being God is enough for me.

Remind me to worship You simply because you are good & I am overwhelmingly grateful for that.

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