The Gratitude Series – For Life

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever.”

Psalm 136:1

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today and everyday, I have so much to be thankful for, as I’ve been blogging about for the past week; my parents, friends, school, and all the many things I take for granted. To conclude this mini-series, I want to write about one last thing I am grateful for — life.

In the past few months, life has held SO many good things: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, new jobs, and exciting opportunities and opening doors. I have truly had so much around me to be grateful for — this mini-series has REALLY made me focus on that. But, even with a lot of good around me, there has also been some pain. This entire year has been extremely academically trying, there has been some major disappointments in regards to the program I am trying to get into at school, some big plans that have fallen through the cracks, some small losses, some greater ones, and even some death. I don’t know that I am quite at the place where I can say that I am grateful for all the “downs” that have happened over the past few months, not yet at least. But, I am thankful for the silver lining that is sure to show itself, one day or another. I hold onto the promise that God can redeem all things — no matter how unusable tough circumstances may seem, God is the giver of life and can make all things new in Him. It is for that reason, I know I will one day be grateful for such trials.

Regardless, I am grateful..grateful for life in all its entirety — for all of i’ts ups & downs. I am grateful for my family, my God-fearing friends, my boyfriend who loves me in the most Christ-like way, the fact that I got to gather around a table and eat an unhealthy amount of food tonight, for my first-world luxuries, like a roof over my head and running water, for employment in a tough economy, an education at a great school,… and so, so, so much more.

I am blessed beyond compare by a good and gracious God today and everyday. I am grateful for that.


Happy Thanksgiving to you & your loved ones!

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