The Word of the Year

Just at the sight of this post I’m sure you’re thinking two things:
1. “Isn’t she a little late on resolutions? It’s almost February.” 

2. “Oh, no. Not ANOTHER person’s list of resolutions and goals for the New Year…”


But before you dismiss this blog as another sappy 2014 post, let me say:
1. Yes. I am late. Something I plan on working on in 2015 as well… just let it slide this time. 😉
2. I promise this post is about a heck of a lot, lot, more than my goals to eat less cheeseburgers and to run more often.
At the beginning of the month/when everyone was writing their long, sappy posts about 2014 (me included) a few of the blogs that I follow had started this theme of 2015 in a word — thus, one must choose a single word to describe your hopes/goals/resolutions for 2014. I immediately started asking myself my word would be, “Progressive… Spontaneous… Bold… Different… Prosperous,” I thought.
But then I started thinking to myself, and I realized that I want this year to be about so much more than adventure and better eating habits and being successful and trying new things and blah, blah, blah. No… I want this year to be about bigger, more important things. I couldn’t think of 2015’s “word” right on the spot, but I knew eventually it would come to me.
A few days later, I was reading the first few chapters of Hebrews when that special word hit me. In fact, there were three words:
more // intentional // & movement.
Though these words can be put together/make sense as one single phrase, each word actually came onto my heart individually, one by one. I journaled about each of them as an individual word first, & then as one phrase. Here’s the breakdown:
The first word is MORE.  There are so many things I want more of this year. I want to seek God more, find Him more… more giving instead of taking, more listening – instead of waiting for my turn to talk. I want more knowledge; biblical, academic, wisdom. I want more time spent doing things I love. I want to love more people. I want to forgive more quickly. I want to be more invested in my church. I want to be more closer with Christ. I don’t want to just keep giving my “best” in these areas of my life. I want to give more, I want to give my all.
The second word: INTENTIONAL. – I want to be intentional about who I spend my time with. I want to be intentional about what I spend my time doing. I want to be more intentional about my words, more intentional about my actions. I want to be intentional with the people I have in my life – be intentional to love them. I want to be intentional with the strangers that I will cross paths this year – to show love to all faces, that I might point someone to the cross. I don’t want to just do and say what comes natural to me. I want to be intentional this year to make the most of each day, relationship, and circumstance.

The last word: MOVEMENT – I want to move onward and upward in my life this year. I’ve made a huge movement in schooling, and I want to excel in this new program as I work towards my career. I want to continue to move up in my job and be the best possibly employee I can be. I want to move out of my comfort zones. I want to move out of my friend circles and try reach new people for Christ. I want to move out of anger from past hurt and into forgiveness. I long to move out of anxiety and into God’s peace. But above all, I long to move from where I stand and into deeper faith, a stronger commitment, and a greater dependency on Christ.


MORE INTENTIONAL MOVEMENT: Though each word carries a special meaning alone, altogether, as a phrase, they take on an even more powerful meaning to me, This year, I want to be intentional in moving more. What I mean by this is, I don’t want 2015 to be a year of going wherever the wind takes me. I want it to be the year that I make moves in my life with intentions. I don’t want to just move from a place of comfort to a place of out of my comfort zone closeness with God simply because I “know” I should, but instead because I am fueled by a desire to experience more of God. I want to be more intentional in where I move in my life and who I move closer to along the way. Though right now I have an idea of what I think each one of these words will bring in 2015, they are still somewhat ambiguous to me… I am not sure what area of life I will feel called to give more in. I don’t know  I don’t know specifically how being intentional is going to change my relationships. I am unsure of where I will move in life this year.

But I plan on this being a year of more. A year of more intention. And a year of movement.

Let’s see where these 3 words will lead me over the next 11 months.



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