Ernie + Sarah

It is currently 12:17 AM as I sit down to write this. My heart is one big pile of melted, excited mush from one of the most beautiful nights I’ve ever been apart of, and I just have to share some of it.   

This is Sarah. I met Sarah somewhere around the ages of five or six. We have been attached at the hip for the majority of that time. Sarah is sassy. She is full of spunk. She is always sure of what she wants, and wastes no time going after it once she has decided she wants it. She is opinionated. Sensitive. Hilarious. Wise beyond her years. She LOVES God.

She graduated high school early, got her cosmetology licence and became a hair stylist.And for the past several years, all she has wanted to be was a wife. There have been times where she would grow doubtful she would meet someone. She (and we) prayed constantly for her husband to be brought into her life soon.

Late last year, Sarah went to a show at a coffee shop. A guy sitting behind her at the show asked her something about her tattoo she has on her arm. They began talking and he ended up joining Sarah and a group of friends for dinner after the show. When the bill came at dinner, that same guy picked up Sarah’s portion of the tab. She called me a few days later and told me she had met a guy the other night at a coffee shop. She proceeded to tell me a he paid for her bill.. and we both thought it was weird, considering he had just met her. Then, a few days later, Sarah went on a date with this guy. A few weeks later, he told Sarah he loved her. When Sarah told me, I was floored. Excited…. but floored. I told her, “This could be one of two things: He’s either a really weird guy…or he’s the guy that you’re

going to marry.” Once he asked Sarah to be his girlfriend, things just seemed to progress so quickly, and so deeply. She had met someone that was all she had prayed for. A man who followed hard after the heart of God, was involved in missionary work, was sensitive to her feelings, artistic, funny, communicated well, and loved her more than she could understand. He was all of those things.

Tonight, this same guy, Ernie, returned home from a two week missionary trip to the Philippines. I accompanied Sarah and his family to the airport to pick him up. We were at the airport and taking pictures of Ernie being reunited with his entire family. He took a few pictures with them…


and then everyone walked out of the picture, leaving just him and Sarah.
 He got down on one knee, and pulled out his great grandmother’s wedding ring… and asked my best friend to be his wife. (!!!!!!!!!!!)




Photos by Ian Goegebuer
I write this for a couple of reasons: one being that Sarah is one of my closest and best friends and I am THRILLED for her. But secondly, I just have to talk about how faithful God is. Sarah has been someone I have had the pleasure of being accountable to for years, along with being in a small group with her. Together we prayed for God to bring her the man He had prepared for her. Between working in a salon with all women, and not having very many outlets where she could meet someone, there were times Sarah was really doubtful she was gonna find that man anytime soon. But during these couple years of singleness, God prepared her heart. And the best part — unbeknownst to her, He was preparing Ernie’s heart for her.  He brought Ernie into Sarah’s life at their mutual friend’s coffee shop show — and what seemed like out of the blue to us, but in all reality, it was God’s perfect, flawless timing. To have been by Sarah’s side during her valley and now to be standing next to her on top of a mountain…it really gives me perspective. God is so faithful to those that surrender their hearts to Him. Sarah & Ernie’s love story is such a testament to that.
 I cannot wait for what else He does through them and their marriage.
Wedding bells are a-ringin’!

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