September Highlights

Two posts in the past month? This may be a record for me! Anyways,

September was a busy month  & I figured it’s time I do a little life-update post for anyone who cares to keep up with the blog… aka my grandma and maybe a distant cousin somewhere. Here were the 3 best parts of the month.

1 // Michigan!


I got the awesome opportunity to travel back to Michigan with Zack + his family the second to last weekend of September for his cousin’s wedding. We/I hadn’t been out there since 2012, and I was soo excited to get back there. We took a red-eye out of LAX on a Wednesday night, landed on a Thursday morning around 5 AM, rented a tiny, took a nap at his Aunt Amy’s  then drove our bright blue Nissan Versa rental 6 hours up north to a small fishtown called Leland. Our drive was full of so much GREEN, gorgeous skies, & way too much laughing. We finally made it up north by Thursday night and the weekend was perfect. Let me just start off by saying — I know I for sure hit the jackpot-of-boyfriends by scoring Zack as mine. However, in addition to that, I believe I also hit the jackpot-of-boyfriend’s-family too because his is just so great. He has a ton of girl cousins who are so welcoming & fun to be around & really made this trip so fun for me. Not to mention, his cousin’s wedding was just absurdly beautiful. It started on the beach at Lake Michigan in an intimate ceremony, then moved over to a restaurant for lunch, then back to the beach for a “reception” – aka a BONFIRE & S’MORES! (I literally have not stopped raving about this idea to my friends since we got home. I think it’s genius!) I absolutely loved everything about the wedding and our time up in Michigan. I feel so very blessed to have found such a sweet guy and enjoy the sweet people he calls family. Here’s a few pictures of the wedding / our time in Leland.
2 // NYC! 
I returned home from Michigan on a Sunday Night from Michigan, and left again on Thursday morning around 5 am for the big apple! This was my third trip to NYC and I can tell you that I am still just as obsessed as I was with it my first time there back in high school. This time around was an Oliveira girls’ trip with my mom, my sister, my sister-in-law, & my cousin. We stayed in a cozy little flat in Midtown East and it rained all weekend long – the sun finally broke through the clouds the morning we left for the airport to go home (go figure). BUT, the weather was never so bad that it kept us indoors, and we still had a great trip! The night we got there, we went down to Times Square for Jenn, Ashley, & Jeanette to see it for the first time. We grabbed some cheesecake from a local’s spot, then checked out a few places before heading home. The next day we rode around checking out Grand Central station, the infamous Shake Shack (which, FYI, is not better than In-n-Out), the 9/11 memorial, & seeing ALADDIN on Broadway (SO. GOOD.) Unfortunately, my brother in-law found out he had appendicitis the day after we left for NYC, and needed immediate surgery to remove it; all while Jenn was on the other side of the country. The morning after our first full-day in NYC, Jenn had to cut her trip short to fly home to be with the kids & Marcelo. It was definitely a bummer to see her go early, but the rest of us girls did the best we could to enjoy the rest of our time there. We did a guided tour of the 9/11 museum, went to the infamous Serendipity 3 for desserts & a few other spots around the town before heading home on Sunday. It was a quick, but really fun trip with the girls in my family and I am super grateful to have had the time together that we did! Again, I am blessed with great people surrounding me.
9/11 museum
Serendipity 3
3 //  We’re MOVING!

Probably one of the most exciting things that happened this month (and probably all year) is that my parents decided to make the big move they’ve been considering for so long. So, we’re off to the OC! My parents found a home in a quite neighborhood that is everything they’ve both been looking for – & more. I am definitely excited to get into the new house but I think it’s gonna be pretty bittersweet to leave our Bellflower home behind. I’ve spent just about my entire life in this house. We have had countless, countless memories here; birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, holidays, prom pictures… the list goes on. I don’t know how long it will take for the new house to feel like  ‘home’ like it does in right now in our “old” house and I think it’ll be a season of adjustment. But, nonetheless, an adjustment both my parents & I have been ready to make for awhile now. So, here’s to moving trucks, address changes, and lots + lots + lots of boxes.

Until next month!


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