Medical Field Must-Haves

In the medical field and just starting out? I’ve rounded up the 5 things that you’ll need – besides an IV drip of coffee and a bottle of wine after your shift ( 😉 ) – to keep your life sane and simplified during work.

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1. Comfortable, Good Quality Scrubs

Scrubs. Oh, scrubs. I think that was 80% of the reason I initially wanted to work in the medical field. 😉 Now that I wear them everyday, I’ve gotten pretty picky about the types I like. When looking for scrubs, I look for something that is going to be comfortable, first and foremost. Second, I want them to fit well, be flattering to my body type, while still looking professional. Lastly, I don’t want to pay a fortune for each piece, considering I’m going to need to have multiple sets of them for each week! After a ton of searching, I have finally found a brand that checks ALL these boxes for me: White Cross scrubs. Man, I love these sets!  A  few weeks back, I did an unboxing & try-on sesh on my Instagram story with the sets they sent me. I got SO many responses from people wanting to know where they can get them, and if they are really as comfortable as I was saying. The answer to that is 100%, YES!  Personally, everything I own from White Cross Scrubs is from their “FIT” line. This line has an athletic fit, mesh inserts for added comfort, and a quick-drying material. My scrub pants have an elastic waistband, and my v-neck top sits just perfectly on my torso so it doesn’t feel like I’m swimming in it. These scrubs are comfy, cute, and so functional for working. TAKE MY WORD – this brand is the best!

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You can shop White Cross Scrubs by clicking here & here.

2.  Apple Watch

This is undoubtedly a must have for those who work in the medical field (and even for people who work in other fields!). The Apple Watch has absolutely changed the way I work. From allowing me to screen text messages and phone calls while scanning, to letting me control what song is playing on my phone; the watch makes life a little more simple for someone who can’t always have their phone on them.  I’m not super tech-savvy, but here’s my quick review and favorite features.

• Health –  The watch is great for those trying to maintain an active lifestyle both during and outside of work.  When you first set-up your watch, it asks you a series of questions about your height/weight/ fitness goals (gain weight, maintain, lose, etc). Based off your answers, it will set up an amount of calories to burn a day & you can adjust it as you see fit. The watch will track your movement daily and weekly and send you notifications to update you on how close you are to meeting your goals.

Mental – Throughout the day, my watch will send me reminders to “breathe”. It is literally a timed exercise, in which, if you choose to activate, will instruct you to inhale and exhale in certain patterns for a minute, and will tell you your heart rate after completing the activity.  It’s perfect if you work in a high-stress job and need a minute to slow down here and there.

Workouts – The watch is great for exercising as well. I use it each and every time I go to workout at the gym or take a class. You can chose your type of work out from outdoor run/walk, cycling, elliptical, rower, stair stepper, strength training and more. It tracks your heart rate, active minutes, calories burned & more. You can set your workouts to be based on time or the amount of calories you’d like to burn.

I would 100% recommend an Apple Watch to anyone who works a job that prohibits them from using their cell phones when they may need to.

3. Comfortable shoes

Strong, supportive shoes are everything on long days.  Picking the best type of shoe varies as it really depends on the type of foot you have. I don’t need anything special, so I just go with a standard running shoe from Nike. I’m currently wearing these ones, but love these & these too!

4. Hydroflask

This may seem pretty insignificant when compared to the other items, however, if you like your water at the temperature that you poured it, and you don’t get the chance during your shift to refill it often, this is a must-have! Hydroflasks or any type of insulated steel water bottles that  keep your water cold for sometimes longer than 12 hours. I love mine and take it everywhere with me. You can buy them here  or if you’re looking for a cheaper, similar alternative, stores like TJMaxx, Nordstrom Rack & Target carry them for under $10.

5. Planner

Again, this may seem super basic, but I live. by. my. planner. Seriously, everything I do goes in it. Regardless what field you’re in, a planner will change your life! I bring my planner with me everyday to work, and it helps me log work events, personal plans, upcoming appointments, etc. this company  carries some of the most gorgeous planners, but if you’re looking for something a little more budget friendly, again, Target is life and has a ton of cute & well-organized ones too here.

These are my absolute must-haves for work each day. I’d love to hear what you can’t be without during a shift! Leave me your favorite things in the “Leave a Reply” box below!

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