LIFE UPDATE! My new job + We’re moving!

A few weeks ago, Zack and I were throwing around the idea of me finding a job in Orange County. He works out that way and I’d been thinking about the next steps in my career for awhile. In the past, I had applied to a few places out that way, but never heard anything back.  When the conversation re-arose last month about it, I decided to apply to one place, and really did not think much about it. To be completely honest, I didn’t really even fully read the entire job description.. ha! 😬I just saw the hospital organization it was through and  jumped on it. It was a place I’ve always wanted to work but didn’t know how exactly I could ever get my foot in the door. I submitted my application, truly not thinking twice about it.

Not even 2 days later, I got an e-mail back asking for a phone interview! I was shocked. Haha. Then I really read the job description and realized it was a job that was for strictly OBGYN. I kinda started to panic, as that was something I never saw myself doing exclusively. I love OBGYN… But, I also really love vascular & general ultrasound. I have worked so hard to become certified & well-trained in those areas, I didn’t feel like I could ever abandon them and do solely one aspect of ultrasound. After talking and praying it through with Zack, I decided to just take the interview and see where it went. 3 days later, I did the phone interview, then was offered an in-person interview the following week. My head kinda started to spin at this point as I started to realize what this job would mean if  I got it. Moving, leaving my current job that I love so much, and completely immersing myself in all the OBGYN world had to offer. Well, fast forward a week later, I had my interview and left  really wanting the job. My thoughts had completly changed after seeing where I’d be working & meeting the team of techs I’d be with. I felt so welcomed, challenged, and excited about the possibility. I fully laid it in the Lord’s hands and just prayed His will be done. 2 days after my interview, I got the call — I got the job!! I couldn’t believe it! Start to finish, the entire process was less than two weeks. Talk about zero to one hundred real quick!😂

I really am just so grateful and honestly.. just humbled. This is a hospital/company that I have always wanted to work for, and never really knew how I’d get in. I kinda wondered how I would ever be able to get a job in a place where I didn’t know any ultrasound techs (that’s pretty much the guaranteed way to get your foot in the door here in sonographer-saturated socal!😂)  I completely laid this down in prayer this time around, and it was just so crazy to see how faithful God was in it. He has seriously made our path  straight in this season and it is all 1000% His hands in this. From navigating through the interview process, to how quickly we were able to find a new apartment in Orange County, this whole time we’ve been at such peace and so provided for. We are undeserving of how good the Lord is to us!

I start my new job next week, and we move into our new place the weekend after! So much change in our lives right now but I couldn’t be happier. I’m so excited to take on this new challenge of OBGYN and to share what I’m learning, give my experience/tips on the interview process, and share our new place when its all done 🙂 If there’s anything else you wanna see, let me know!

To new adventures!



One thought on “LIFE UPDATE! My new job + We’re moving!

  1. Congratulations Toni!You motivate me so much to pull throu with DMS journey!I love how sweet and humble you are,keep pushing thorough,with god anything is possible❤️ Am so here for all your accomplishments!hope to hear more helpful tips soon!


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