Tips for Job Searching

Recently, I was looking for a new job and I felt so out of the loop with where to begin, where to apply, not to mention how to survive an interview. How do I sell myself to places that I don’t have any connection to? We’re going to get into all of that today.


Tips for job searching

  1. Update your resume

This is obviously one of the most important things you give a potential employer. Make sure you have all job experience & volunteer work laid out with short descriptions of what you’ve done in each position. Add your references, your education history, and obviously any other info like your CPR certification & boards/credentials.

Tip: When writing your descriptions of prior job positions, use strong verbs. Instead of “Managed a heavy patient and busy schedule”, say,  “Succeeded in providing detailed examinations and patient care in a timely fashion”.

2.  Create a LinkedIn profile

This was something I really underestimated at first until my husband told me about how commonly it’s used. Since this is basically your resume in a webpage format, this is a major tool employers could use to find you /learn more about you. Make a LinkedIn profile, add all of your past job experience, skills, certifications, & make connections with past coworkers or classmates to build your network.

3.  Join sites like Glassdoor, Indeed & specific hospital job search accounts

When I was on the hunt for a new job, I was active on Glassdoor & Indeed. Both websites list new positions weekly, with job descriptions, wages & more. It’s super helpful in deciding where to apply. But the most important thing I did was create an account on the website of the hospitals / companies I wanted to work for.  This is actually how I found/applied for the job I have now! Typically how this works is you create an account, then add your resume, cover letter, or anything else required onto your account. Then, whenever a new job is listed for sonography, (you usually will get an email notification that a new job relevant to you was posted), you can submit your application with just a few clicks. Once you’ve done it once, it usually saves all your information, and it’s just initialing a few boxes, electronic signatures, & a “submit” button and boom, you’ve applied!

4.  Create a cover letter

Again, an idea my sweet husband gave me 😉 A cover letter is cool because it adds a personal touch to your resume in which you are speaking directly to an employer, telling them what sets you apart & why you’d be a great fit for the job. I always started my cover letters by addressing the organization reading it, and continued on by explaining my interest in the job, my experience & what I would add to the sonography team there. Make it professional, detailed, but try to keep it one page only.

5.  Ask Around!

The ultrasound community really is a small world. Ask your old classmates, your clinical site, or even your professors if they know of any work in the area! If they don’t at that time, ask them to keep you in mind. I’ve had old classmates reach out to our cohort via Facebook saying, “I don’t know if anyone is looking for work, but ________ is hiring right now!” Keep your connections from school & clinicals. They will help you down the road!

5. Follow Up

Once you’ve submitted an application, give it a few days, then try finding the contact to the Human Resources department to call & check on the status of your application. Ask to speak to a recruiter if possible, and always leave a message regarding why you were calling if no one is available. Even if you don’t get to speak to someone directly, this shows your interest & sets you apart from other applicants.

6. Treat applying for a job, like a job

It’s important that you devote time weekly, if not daily, to your job search. Check your websites, google search, or follow up on submitted applications as often as needed. Don’t just submit applications and wait to be contacted!

What tips for job searching would you share in addition to these! Let me know in the reply box below 🙂





5 thoughts on “Tips for Job Searching

  1. Hi this is very helpful! I live in California I finished my ultrasound program earlier this year and it’s been harder than I thought to find a job I keep my resume updated, I have passed the SPI already and I’m looking for new openings every day. Would you recommend calling a week after submitting an application for a status update?


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