Athens + Santorini

Last month, Zack and I took the most incredible trip to Greece & Italy! We were absolutely swooned by all the places we got to see. I have many questions to answer + things to share with y’all, so I’m breaking it up into 2 separate posts, one for Greece, one for Italy! Today I’m sharing all the deets of our time in Athens & Santorini!!


Let me just start off by saying this place is severely underrated. We only booked a two night stay in Athens because everything we had heard from people who had been there was that besides the Acropolis,  there wasn’t much to do. We were SO surprised at how untrue this was.  We could have very easily done another couple of days there. We absolutely LOVED every food place we ate at, every piece of history we got to see, just everything about it was amazing.


Breakfast or Lunch:

  • The Brunch Factory
  • Moma


  • Tazza ( cutest outside restaurant I have EVER been to! )
  • Electra XFloor Roof Garden — a restaurant on top of a hotel with a stunnnnning view of the Acropolis all lit up at night. Highly recommend getting the risotto πŸ˜‰


  • Davinci (crazy good gelato!)


  • Acropolis / Parthenon
  • Street Markets
  • National Observatory of Athens — check the hours / days its open — we didn’t get to go and were SO bummed. We heard the constellations that can be seen here are amazing!
  • City Hall
  • Parko Thiseioimg_5786



Oooooh, Santorini. You guys, this was literally the most beautiful place I have ever been. It is absolutely stunning. When we first arrived at our hotel, we looked down on all the hundreds of white villas on the edge of the caldera with the sea below and it literally took my breath away. I had no words! Seriously one of the most beautiful sights my eyes have ever seen. I have easily 100 + photos in my phone of different views of this sight, simply trying to capture it — but you just can’t. I could go on about the beauty, but I think you get it. Its unreal. You need to go.


Usually we opt for AirBnB’s for saving $$ + also to get a more authentic experience when staying in a foreign country. However, after doing some research, we decided to stay in a hotel and I actually would prefer that over an AirBnB, for Santorini specifically. The whole feel of Santorini is very relaxing and luxurious and it felt nice to stay at a hotel where we were well taken care of, there were meals ready to order, transportation services, etc. I don’t think Santorini would have been quite as relaxing for us if we were going out and buying food for sandwiches / having to figure out where to eat for every meal.

We stayed at Andromeda Villas in Thira and once again, I CAN NOT RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH! Easily one of the nicest hotels we have ever stayed at. The views, the service, the food, the drinks, daily breakfast, and the POOL were just some of my favorite features. We debated for so long on if we should stay in Oia (the main city in Santorini you see most pictures of) or outside the town. We chose to stay 15 minutes outside the town and that is the best piece of advice I could give anyone wanting to travel there. I’m sure Oia is super fun to stay in, but every time we visited the town, we were somewhat glad to leave. The people weren’t quite as friendly, it was extremely crowded, and also very pricey. Not to mention, the view of that city is so breathtaking, so staying outside the city allowed us to fully appreciate it every sunrise and sunset.


We ate at our hotel and small places near it but visited a couple places outside of that:

Avocado Restaurant (Thira)

Lefkes — This restaurant is suuuch a cool experience. It felt like eating in a home. Our table was literally on the “bedroom” balcony. It is located in the oldest and smallest town in Santorini, so old that there are actually no roads leading to the restaurant! You have to park and walk into the town to find it. Such a cool atmosphere!


We got to Santorini via plane from Athens. You can also take a ferry, but we wanted to get there quickly & effortlessly & a flight just seemed like the better option for us. As for transportation on the island, there are several rent options. An ATV is the most popular way to get around the island as it is very small (it takes about an hour and a half to go from one end of the island to the other on an ATV). It cost us $25 to rent it for a full 24 hours and we did it through our hotel.


  •  Watch the sunrise & sunset every day
  • Rent an ATV and explore the island
  • Black Sand Beach
  • The Red Beach
  •  Drive up to the greek montessori in Thira
  •  Visit Oia for lunch & cliff diving
  •  Climb Skaros rock (even if you are terrified!)
  •  Relax!



Have you been to Greece before?! I want to hear from you in the reply box below!


2 thoughts on “Athens + Santorini

  1. Loved this to the core! Everything is just perfect, the details that you have included, scintillating pictures. I can’t wait to visit Greece real soon. Santorini is love πŸ™‚
    You’ve earned a new follower and looking forward to reading more from you!


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