Our First Place!

Happy December everyone!! Where the heck did last month go!? I swear November was the shortest month all year. The first weekend was our anniversary, two weeks later we were in San Marcos all weekend for one of my best friend’s wedding, last weekend was filled with thanksgiving festivities, now BOOM! We’re in December. Amongst all the craziness of last month, something even crazier happened – we found our first apartment!!

Because we are getting married in June, our plan was always that we were going to start searching for a place around February – March. Since we’re not living together until after the wedding, Zack could move into and enjoy it as his own little place until I join him. So sometime in November, I randomly decided to hop online one day and just look at what apartments in Long Beach, Seal Beach, & Huntington Beach were going for, just to have an idea in my mind for when the time came to start hunting. The VERY FIRST apartment that popped up on Zillow was this adorable one bedroom and I instantly sent it to Zack. We both loved the neighborhood it was in, the floors, the paint color, everything. Even though it was NOVEMBER and we weren’t planning on even looking until February, we both really wanted to see this apartment in person. So we called the real estate company that was managing it and made in appointment to see it that weekend.

From the moment we walked in, we knew it was perfect for us. I always thought it was crazy to hear people say they “just knew” it was the one when they walked into their house/apartment for the first time. I would think, “How!? Don’t you want to ask about the neighbors, the leasing terms, etc.!?” I always have a TON of questions & doubts & concerns when it comes to this stuff, but… something about this place instantly felt like home.

We decided to look at a few other apartments around us just for fun, and every one we saw, we compared to the first. The one and only concern we had was that we were looking at apartments 3 months earlier than planned BUT we really didn’t want to let that first place go. So we decided to apply and just see what would come of it.

The real estate agent told us that there was already an application ahead of us and they were in the process of approving it, so it wasn’t likely that we would get the apartment, but that we were welcome to apply and see what came of it. We felt like we were sitting on pins and needles all weekend, waiting to hear about the applicant ahead of us. We were doubtful we’d get the place, but had surrendered it in prayer and asked God to open the doors (literally) if it was meant to be ours, and to give us peace until February if not.

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Early that next week, we called to follow up with our application and the real estate company told us that they had not been able to get ahold of the applicant who was in front of us, and that he had not returned their call in 4 days. They told us they’d give him another 24 hours, and if they still hadn’t heard from him, they would move onto our application (!!!). So, that next day, being the annoying children that we were, we called yet again for an update. They said they still hadn’t heard from the first applicant but that they would give him by the end of the day to call back… we. were. dying!!! It was crazy how bad we wanted this apartment when it wasn’t even a thought in our mind exactly a week prior.  FINALLY, on Wednesday, they still hadn’t heard back from the first applicant, so they moved on to us. PRAISE THE LORD.  We couldn’t believe it! We were soo anxious and excited, while trying not to get our hopes up because we didn’t know how this process could go.

24 hours after, we got the news the apartment was ours if we wanted it, and we said DUH!

I can’t even begin to talk about how much the Lord has provided for Zack and I during this process without getting emotional (literally tearing up as I type this, LOL). The past few weeks of going through getting furniture, setting up utilities, signing paperwork, etc, has been such a breeze because of the help from our family and friends. Zacks mom got him a whole set of towels, my dad surprised him with a brand new tool box, my mom bought us a ton of things supplies for our kitchen, and my sister put together an entire huge BASKET of essentials for the apartment. We have felt so supported and loved during our whole engagement and the process of getting our apartment was no different.

I am sitting on the floor of our currently furniture-less place as I write this today while waiting for our couch to be delivered and my heart just feels sooo full. Even though its Zack’s place for now, it already feels like home to me. I can’t believe this is all happening for us. The things we have always talked about, saved for, and hoped for are all starting to happen and in God’s perfect timing. We  truly have so much to be grateful this holiday season, and it’s a feeling I don’t ever want to forget! Stay tuned for an apartment reveal post once it’s alllll set up🤗